Ponts couverts at night

Ponts couverts at night (Strasbourg, France)

Ponts couverts at night (Strasbourg, France)

The Ponts couverts (Covered bridges) are named as such because they “used to” be covered in the old days. They were seen as a strategic military building that could be used as a defensive measure in times of war. They are at the end of a set of streets classified as Petit France in Strasbourg.

After been traveling around France for a bit I can say that in general, I’m quite impress on how well illuminated and well maintained most main landmarks are. The illumination alone is often an artwork in itself.

I like drawing upon night lights and reflections as a source for my photographs. This set of bridges is something I really enjoy looking at.

It does however require patience to capture the right image. Just when you think everything is in place a boat passes through the scene, …. and you need to wait another 10 minutes for the water to calm down. You laugh, and then, just when you feel its ready again for you to work on the photo, the boat passes again …

Strasbourg - Ponts couverts at night - left tower close up (Strasbourg, France)

Ponts couverts at night – left tower close up (Strasbourg, France)

The best reflections I have seen are often during the night time, with the absence of the reflection of the sun, in small rivers and canals with quiet waters. The reflection adds even more romance to the scene, adding that special something in a way that will not be there without them.

These are the scenes, amongst many other things, you really want to be sharing with your loved one.